Now that Copenhagen is over do you think that climate change will lose its steam?



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    Definitely not. There were many projects started in Copenhagen that are just being started. Also, Copenhagen is not the first major event for climate change, there was Kyoto, which spurred all the international action since, and there was the huge uprising around “An Inconvenient Truth” which spurred much debate. Copenhagen is just another step in progression of climate change and teh reaction to it, and hopefully it will inspire more action to start, not end.

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    Nope, if anything it’s on the rise. It just shows that politicians don’t think they have enough support to oppose corporation lobbies. Let’s hope they’ll be more willing to actually do something by the next meeting.

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    Various reports have shown that developing countries are taking the initiative to improve their transportation systems’ impact on the environment.  Countries like Mexico are revitalizing their transportation to include sustainable travel on their Metrobus.  These changes can be attributed to the issues addressed at Copenhagen, and it appears that the conference has been effective in bringing climate change issues to global attention.

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    I think it has quite the opposite effect. People are outraged at their governments for not being able to succeed to seal a climate deal. Because of this it probably had a bigger impact on public opinion on the matter than if there would have been an agreement. Also this puts pressure on the governments to start acting on climate change and get on more agreeable terms on the next conference this year in Cancun, Mexico. 

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