Noticed in a swimming pool, some silly bands float, others sink. Some are “Silly Bandz” brand, others knock-off brands. Concerned they may be made of different materials. Thoughts?

Since some brands of fun-shaped bands float and others sink, I am concerned the knock-off brands may be made of different materials than the “silly bandz” brand. Reason for concern?



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    If all the Silly Bandz brand bands did one thing, and all the off-brand bands did another, then they might be made of different materials, or a variation of the same kind of material (see the next paragraph). However, if certain Silly Bandz brand bands sunk and others floated (it’s a little unclear from your question if all of one brand floated or sank), then there might be different factors at play, like the shapes of the bands affecting buoyancy.

    Silly Bandz are made of silicone. Some off-brands are also made of silicone. Why the difference in floating? Silicone can be customized to different densities, so other manufacturers may use a denser silicone that sinks.

    I doubt there is much cause for concern about off-brand bands. However, since it can be hard to track the manufacturing process of these off-brand bands, you might want to stay with the Silly Bandz brand if you want to be 100% sure about where the bands come from.

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    Aside from the brand issue, you would want to make sure you get all the bands out of the pool so you don’t have to worry about the pool pump.  Also, you don’t want any birds going after or getting tangled in the Sillly Bandz or any band!

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