Is not washing your pillow regularly bad for your health?



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    Yes, but only in a general sense. Oil from your hair and face build up on your pillow over time and can then transfer that buildup to your pores. It isn’t good to have clogged pores, they are uncomfortable and can sometimes harbour infection. It is generally good to wash your face before bed for this reason to remove any excess oil, sweat, or dust from the day, so that it doesn’t accumulate on your pillow. 

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    Yes, it is interesting to learn that regularly washing and replacing your pillow can have a positive effect on your overall health. According to an article in Yahoo (2011), pillows often contain large amounts of dust mites, which can aggrivate allergies and asthma. The longer that you have your pillow, the more likely a build up of dust mites will occur over time, and the worst your symptoms can get (Yahoo, 2011).

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    You should especially wash your pillow case after you have been sick. The germs can remain on the pillow and re-infect you later. The same goes for your sheets as well. I usually wash my pillow and sheets about once every 2-3 weeks. 

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