Is the North East the coldest region in the United States?



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    As weather patterns and regular climates change the data can shift the coldest region around a bit.  This site, though 4 years old, shows the coldest cities to be all along the Northern region of the United States.  Though most of the cities listed end up being in the Eastern states, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado made the list too.  

    However, this site, edited by a former meteorologist who enjoys tracking the “puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news” shows a “Departure from Normal” graphic illustrating the coldest region in the mid-western region…

    I suppose the true answer lies within which data you are assessing; windchill, snowfall, yearly median temp vs record setting temps.  In any case, I hope the links provide you with a path in the right direction.

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