Is nitrogen toxic?



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    Yes, nitrogen can be toxic, but it depends of many factors such as state, concentration, compound form, etc.  Liquid nitrogen is toxic to humans ranging from causing acute illness to being a carcinogen and damaging to neural cells and reproductive systems.   The gas Nitrous Dioxide, NO2, is also highly toxic if inhaled at high concentrations.  However, nitrogen also makes up 78% of the volume of Earth’s atmosphere, so in this situation, it is not toxic. 


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    Nitrogen in its natural state at the earth’s surface is not toxic; the fact that 78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen makes that evident. If it completely displaces oxygen, then people die from lack of oxygen, but that is not because nitrogen is toxic.

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    Nitrogen gas isn’t toxic when inhaled. If changes in pressure cause nitrogen dissolved in your bloodstream to bubble out (such as when coming back from deep sea diving), it can cause damage, but general exposure to nitrogen gas doesn’t cause poisoning.

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