Is the Nissan Leaf the most eco friendly hybrid available?



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    The Nissan Leaf is technically an all-electric car that goes about 70 miles on a charge rather than a hybrid. A hybrid can run on gasoline as well. One could say that it is more eco-friendly than any hybrid car because it runs only on electricity. However, it could be possible that a hybrid car with, say a 40-mile all-electric range like the Chevy Volt could be more efficient if it gets more miles per kilowatt hour (mpkwh).

    Unfortunately, most hybrid/electric cars do not make their mpkwh known to the public yet. Hopefully they will soon, though!

    Electric cars can get 2 mpkwh or more. I say this because that’s what a home-built electric car with lead-acid batteries can get. Lighter, more aerodynamic cars that run on lithium-ion batteries will get better mpkwh.

    If you are concerned about the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, there is not much information available on that, either. However, you can always convert a car instead of buying a new one, which will save a lot of resources.

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