Is nicotine in anything besides cigarettes?



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    Nicotine is naturally found inside the plant Nicotina Tabacum, better know colloquially as Tobacco. Cigarettes are only one product that has nicotine in it, since you can also find nicotine in chewing tobacco and snuff, as well as nicotine gum and nicotine patches, which are anti smoking aids.

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    Nicotine is found in all cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and of course the nicotine gums and lozenges.  Nicotine comes from the tobacco plant so it can also be found there.  As far as other products on the market, I can find no evidence.  I assume because nicotine is so incredibly addictive that the FDA prohibits its use in anything that isn’t blatantly labeled. 

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    Nicotine is most commonly ingested through cigarettes, but it can be found in other tobacco products as well. Chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigars also contain nicotine. Nicotine can be absorbed quickly and easily through smoke, whether through a pipe or cigarette, and can reach the brain within seconds of inhaling. There are gums and patches that contain nicotine to help smokers quit also, as they lessen the terrible symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping the nicotine addiction.

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