Is Nicorette gum eco-friendly?



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    I found it rather surprising, but nowhere does the company give a statement about any commitment to helping the environment. Their parent company, GlaxoSmithKline, does provide a sustainability statement on their website. Like many companies, they are pledging to reduce their use of raw materials, increase energy efficiency in making their products, recycling, and eliminating toxic chemicals like CFCs (although, apparently, they haven’t done that yet). The statement isn’t very specific, but you can read it at the first link below.

    The ultimate goal of helping people quit smoking is certainly green: cigarette smoke releases greenhouse gases, contributes to smog, and is as toxic to animals as it is to people. And if Nicorette work for an individual, the eventual benefit probably outweighs the carbon footprint created by making the gum. However, it’s never a bad idea to see if another gum or a different method, more devoted to the environment, work just as well. And if someone’s still smoking after taking the gum, or gets as hooked on the gum as they did on smoking, that’s not very sustainable.

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    I guess Nicorette Gum does not harm you in any way and this is my practical experience towards it.

    An addiction to nicotine is a serious one indeed. Many studies and people have shown that it is one of the most addictive substances known, and most people will gain a dependency to it soon after they start smoking regularly.

    I saved my lungs from getting hurt too much.

    I gave up smoking last year and that was with the help of Nicorette Gum and its 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

    My willpower and their Motivational Tips have helped me today to quit smoking and I am very Thankful to them for their support….

    I would recommend to all my friends who ever is willing to quit and need some advice Nicorette is the best option. URL –

    Thanks and Cheers…



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