Is the Newspaper industry trying to become more green?



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    While newspapers are gravitating towards more online content and reduced print circulation due to technological advances, the Newspaper Associaton of America reports that more and more publications are using sustainable processes for production.

    Many newspapers use soy-based ink and have switched to a 48-inch format to reduce consuption and are using lighter paper for printing. Newspaper offices are using sustainable practices to reduce energy use and many recycle their lithographic film and printing plates.

    To top it off, consumers now recycle almost 75% of old newspaper. The typical newspaper can be recycled seven times!

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      I think the natural progression to online print is going to be the best thing for helping newspaper companies become more eco friendly. The soy based inks and lighter paper is great but they both still take a lot of resources to create. I would be interested to see if they are printing more stories now that they are online and how that would count towards their carbon footprint. Every story needs a writer spending time either in the field or at his or her computer doing research, writing the article then submitting it to the newspaper. I wonder if this causes them to be less eco friendly.

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    Newspapers are using less paper and also recycling. Newspapers are also moving their content to online venues, as oppose to paper, though this is more because their readers are becoming more tech savvy and prefer reading the paper online, and less because the paper wants to go green, though that is a perk.

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    I have found that some newspapers are making more of an effort to recycle.  I currently live in Chicago, and many times when I get off the train there are bins to recycle used newspapers that are owned by newspaper companies.  I also think that with all of the pressure to be more environmentally minded, newspaper will be forced to take more steps to be eco-friendly if they want to survive.

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