With news that the oil slick in the gulf is disappearing quickly, does this mean the environmental damage will be less than expected, or is it just going to be less obvious to the naked eye?



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    The answer is actually almost a combination of your two answers.  The oil didn’t just dissapear, so even though we can’t seem to find it at the moment, it is still out there.  Whether it got caught up in some sort of current and is carrying it to another place or whether it is just “hiding” at the moment, eventually it will be seen.  However, nature has a way to naturally absorb oil in the water.  Oil naturally seeps out of the ocean floor, but we don’t notice it because it is naturally absorbed.  A similar thing seems to be happening to the oil spill at a greater ratio than we had anticipated, but the oil is still out there and the environment will still be affected by it, just not as much by the image of oil washing up on shores and coating plant and animal life like it has been during the spill.

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