Is New Urbanism or Smart Growth a better way to plan cities?



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    Some would say so. It depends on your priorities.

    Smart Growth can decrease green house gas emissions, decrease encroachment on vital ecosystems and decrease the degradation of lakes, rivers and biodiversity.

    Do not confuse Smart Growth with anti-growth policies. Anti-growth policies just push growth to other places and does not do anything on the aggregate for the environment.

    Smart Growth can concentrate growth to make citizens less reliable on personal vehicles.

    There are economic arguments against Smart Growth because it interferes with the market and can increase the price of housing. Houston, Texas is a city without any zoning ordinances and the suburbs stretch for many unconcentrated miles. The housing is cheaper than in places like Portland, Oregon which is probably has the most controlling zoning. But, Houston is surrounded by desert and Portland is surrounded by a very large river, valleys, forests and other environmental features that could be greatly disturbed by unconcentrated growth.

    Smart Growth is a developing strategy and need more development. It can be a better way to plan a city, but not always.

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