Is New Orleans going to be greener than ever because of the devastation caused by Katrina?



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    Yes.  Much of the rebuilding being done in New Orleans has been aimed at being sustainable in the 21st century.  An organization called Rebuild Green is working with New Orleans (and other Gulf Coast) residents to build safe, strong housing that will withstand storms and floods, along with renewable energy infrastructures, to train displaced workers in green employment fields, to restore wetlands, and to use plants to clean the area of toxins and bacteria that were spread throughout the region because of floods.

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    The destruction of New Orleans presents a lot of questions about how they should rebuild and whether the whole layout of the town should be changed to better ease traffic and improve mass transit. Even now, Global Green USA is working to construct a sustainable village in the city’s damanged Lower Ninth Ward, and the city is receiving millions from the stimulus to construct green homes for returning residents. The concern still remains that a city under sea level will continue to be in danger of rising ocean levels, which could cause a reptetition of disaster in the future.

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