Is the new hybrid land rover a good car?



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    It seems to be an excellent car. With its hybrid diesel-electric powertrain, the Hybrid Land Rover delivers 85 mpg and can drive for 20 miles strictly off of electric power alone. Its CO2 emissions are as good as the Toyota Aurus and Prius at 89 g/km.

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    I was looking at this car the other day and was really impressed. I wasn’t expecting to see a hybrid from Land Rover, since they mainly produce the fuel thirsty Range Rover. However, I think that this is a positive step forward for the company, so people can have the option to drive a Land Rover and help the environment. My mom owned a LR3 a few years ago when gas prices started peaking, so she had to get rid of it. Now maybe she can go back to Land Rover with the introduction of this hybrid. 

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