Is the new governor of California likely to approve a plan for 1 million electric vehicles?



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    Most likely governor Jerry Brown will. In a recent letter California passed proposition 23, which suspends Calif’s global warming until the is economy improved. This is one of the best choices that Calif has made for it’s environment. According to Dan Jacobson, a legislative director, he wants to make a new resolution by decrasing gas oil in cars. He along with the governor wants to bring 1 million electric cars to Calif by 2022. There is sure to be a positive future for Calif coming very soon.  

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    I hope he does! Electric vehicles can reduce carbon emissions drastically.

    However, I am a California resident and proposition 23 was something that I voted against. I believe that jchang14 was slightly confused by the wording or proposition 23 when she said that it was a good thing. Proposition 23 reversed AB 32, which is the original legislation controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Since California relies heavily on agriculture for its income, and climate change means that we have to re-adjust and re-invest in our agricultural system to achieve the same amount of agricultural production, it makes no sense to suspend a bill that reduces carbon emissions.

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    Governor Brown might. He’s has been known for his pro-environmental policies over the years, and originally pledged to get 250,000 plug in cars on the road and has only been asked to up it to 1 million since he took office. Ideologically, he may be supportive of the idea, but California is facing a tough financial crisis and he was elected into office more on his promises to balance the budget. In order to keep his credibility, he would have to find a way to get 1 million cars on the road while not increasing California’s deficit.

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