this nerd actually like this old woman

“A positive, you come?” When The Su Haoyang into the blue the official Baonei, I heard someone greet with their own. Looked up to see, I saw a beautiful women dressed in tight-fitting sportswear, exposing a length to allow the vast majority of men a fantasy waistline, his face hung faint and cordial smile.

“Li sister, but also trouble you!” See their own acquaintances, nfl jerseys china,Su Haoyang immediately back soon.

Blue Shi Fort Club, each package membership card holders will have their own fitness coach. Fitness coaches, without exception, sun health, the image beautifully. Unlike a little fitness club coach, muscle, although developed, can be long as it can scare away people.

Blue Shi Bao also has its own characteristics, that is, male members a rate of female coaches to bring female member of a male coach to guide. Is said to help fitness.

As men and women coach longer be regarded as the middle, such arrangements do not suffer from the customer rejection. Of course, some of the specific sport or male on male and female on female.

Suhao Yang mouth ‘Li sister’ is Suhao Yang’s fitness coach, of course, in addition to Su Haoyang outside, there are three men from her to guide fitness.

“A positive, not to say that let you work when I want to call me Li coach you? Always told me to Li sister, is not want me to Gongsibufen ah?!” That ‘Li sister’ an Su Haoyang of their own call, his hands a fork waistline, fat angry at them.

“Li … Li coach, I temporarily forgot …” was Sujie Yang said the ‘sister’, but Li Jing year twenty-year-old first came to this club two years ago, it was named the Blue Shi Fort Club flowers. That is, at that time, Su Haoyang joined this club, the honor of being the first customer if this club flower guide.

This guidance is for two years, said Li Jingting but looked Suhao Yang from a skinny little boy from the step by step transition to the young man has a strong physique.

Su Haoyang appearance is a bit shy, in fact, Coach handbags outlet,inside a large bar guy, has become a friend Li Jingting in this strange city. Lijing Ting Su Haoyang from small to large first, and only one female friend. Not so much the two are friends, we might as well say that the two of them are more like siblings.

Li sister, you have better not to my house for a visit, crotchet you have not had one minute Li coach Su Haoyang turn into Li sister, which makes Li Jingting is helpless.

Pooh, you want the younger sister to your home to do housework? Well, you little slick, put it nicely, that you spend some effort, the younger sister I do not know? Your kid to come here every day to fitness also want younger sister? “Li Jingting did not stay to Su Haoyang face the spot its the purpose to expose.

Su Haoyang face slightly red, nike authentic jerseys,hit I regarded this topic to bring the past.

Across the Su Haoyang few meters away from the Luo Yingya see the Su Haoyang a big beautiful laugh, did not mind the origin is not too happy.

‘Well, do not see the big wood in school sanctimonious look now to the outside, is promiscuous, I’m one to see through you! ‘Completely do not understand Suhao Yang Li Jingting relationship the Luo Yingya, all of a sudden will Lijing Ting as Suhao Yang’s affair off campus.

May Luoying Ya do not know, at this time, she has the Su Haoyang as are their men. So, now she is like to treat the affair of her husband to look at the Su Haoyang.

Well, this nerd actually like this old woman, really did not taste! Luo Yingya sour hearts fill one, they met to come to ask the waiter.

Blue Shi Fort is a membership-based, therefore, no membership card is not admitted within. Luo Yingya door did not produce their own membership card, so will the waiter asks.

Fortunately, Luo Yingya out are accustomed to with a wallet, wholesale nfl jerseys,while she goes on membership cards just lying quietly in the wallet. Produce a membership card to register on the computer, Luoying Ya took a deep breath. Because there is no membership card to be cast out, that face can be lost big.

Luoying Ya long time to the Blue Shi Fort fitness, originally responsible for the guidance of her coaches have been reallocated.

“This young lady, you not familiar with the Italy coach? If not, whether we need to help you arrange a course, you can own fitness, but this risk factor is relatively high, easily injured in the fitness process. “attitude of the waiter was very sincere.

To make it easier to track action monitoring Suhao Yang, Luo Yingya choose their own fitness.

Luoying Ya’s choose to go beyond that attendant unexpected, originally those who choose to self-fitness people are has a wealth of fitness experience, able to control the amount of fitness and rationality of the action, and less prone to injury . Beginners usually have a coach accompany, which will greatly improve the safety factor.



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