Need some advice on wedding dress.

Hi everyone, wondering what people would think of this dress for a wedding on Sept.11?
I’m a size 8-10 and goin’ to try this kind of style. How do u feel? I’m still not convinced to buy coz it’s a web shop. Would u recommend some good stores?



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    Honestly, I think the dress is beautiful. But, how it looks on the model and how it will look on you will probably be two different things. My advice would be to find out who the designer of the dress is and find out if there is a local store in your area that carries the dress. Davids’ Bridal is pretty huge and carries lots of designers. When you find out, make an appointment with the store to go and try it on. Plan on trying at least five dresses or so on and be sure to set a budget before hand and stay within it! When you try on “the dress”, you will know it because it will just feels right. If you want to have family and friends with you for support, great, but, if they are just going to be picky, negative, and ruin your appointment, don’t bother. I hope that you are allowing yourself plenty of time to find the right dress and to get alterations done for your big day. Congradulations and I hope some of this info helps you, good luck!

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    I was recently a bridesmaid and the ladies at David’s Bridal were absolutely wonderful for my friend, the bride. She was able to try on several different dresses and we took pictures so that later on, she could remember what she looked like in each dress and decide that way. We were also able to handle the bridesmaids dresses all in the same appointment. They are always having sales and that is useful in finding something affordable. I highly recommend going to a store to try on wedding dresses even if it’s not David’s Bridal because you want to make sure that the dress fits the way you want it to before spending a lot of money on it. 

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    That dress is beautiful! I agree that David’s Bridal offers a wide range of designers, depending on how big the store is, and it’s probably best to find the designer of that dress and try to see if they are available in a store near you. Trying on the dress is crucial, however, if you order the dress soon you would have enough time to get it tailored if needed or returned. I wish you the best of luck!

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    I think the dress is stunning! But I would never order it online because you just never know how it will look on your body. Try to find a retailer that has it in stock, or a similar cut. It’s a beautiful dress, and that model looks great in it, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it only to find that you don’t like how it looks on you.

    David’s Bridal is a very common bridal stores, and you can check out your local listings – there should be plenty that are easy to find.

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    It’s beautiful !!!

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    This website has wedding prom and bridesmaid dresses their shop is in Leicester. Hope this helps Yes you can hire a prom dress too…. From about £80


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