Is the Navy investing money in biofuel technology?



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    Yes, the Navy is working on investing in biofuel technologies. In a recent partnership with the US Department of Agriculture, the two will share “technical, program management and financial expertise” on the subject. The Navy accounts for 90 percent of energy used by the government, which equals 2 percent of the entire country‚Äôs energy use so it is a huge step in terms of alternative energy solutions.

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    The Naval Air Systems Command performed flight tests on an F/A-18 Super Hornet fueled with bio-fuel in Patuxent River, MD.  NAVAIR requested 40,000 gallons of get fuel for this project, in accordance with a proposal from the Defense Energy Support Center.  Bio-fuels used by the Navy are derived from algae and camelina, a weed related to canola.  8,000 acres of camelina were planted, mostly in Montana, which is expected to yield 400,000 gallons of fuel.

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    This year, the Department of the Navy and the US Department of Agriculture signed an agreement wherein it was agreed that the two would work together toward developing biofuels capable of powering Navy ships.  The agreement also called for the development of ships running on hybrid-electric systems.  Through these measures, Navy is hoping to cut its use of petroleum in half.  Last year, the Navy invested in algea-derived diesellike fuel for its ships, with the intent of mixing it with regular fuels, or for it to be a stand-in substitution. 

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