Natural Remedies for Depression

Do you feel that natural remedies (like St. John’s Wort) effectively treat depression? Some people insist it’s better than taking medicine prescribed by doctors while others believe it’s psychosomatic. How do you feel about people resorting to so-called healthy methods to treat such disorders?



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    There are a lot of natural things that can help in depression. One of the best things are Omega-3 fatty acids. These are not produced naturally in the body so must be taken in our diet. This is needed for our brains to function properly. Countries that have higher fish intake like Japan have depression rates almost 10 times lower than that of North America. On St. Johns Wort, a lot of studies recently have lead to the the thinking that it is most effective as a placebo, working as a mild antidepressant. It is not however recommended for serious depression.  

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    There have been more recent studies that indicate anti-depression medication is not as effective as once considered (not to mention the dependancy upon the anti-depressant that comes with the territory).

    Psychotherapy (talk therapy) is considered to be one of the most effective treatment methods for all non-severe cases.  Many holistic and physical health measures are also considered to be incredibly helpful.  The human body is a complex network that must work together to perform at peak, we cannot forget physical health when considering mental health.


    the link below highlights many natural and holistic treatments available.

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    Rather than provide a comprehensive answer, I just want to share a link that really helps me when I am in the pitfalls of really devastating emotional depression. It’s an stress reducer that can be easily practiced at home, and when I tried it for the first time, I felt instantly better after I had been tumbling down the deep end for a while. For such a simple webpage, it really worked wonders in the psyche.

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    I do think some of the homeopathics are effective, though I suggest taking them as you would any other medication–with the instruction of an expert. However, I also believe western medications are sometimes the only option in treating severe symptoms. That said, I highly recommend The Mindful Way through Depression–a book with meditation c.d. There is also an 8-week course of the same name. In combination with regular exercise, a mental health professional, yoga, and other calming remedies and practices–I have seen remarkable results.

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    There are some natural remedies for depression such as St. John’s wart and ginkgo biloba. Other natural remedies include counseling, yoga, music (you’d be surprised how effective relaxing or upbeat music can be), journaling, support groups and new friendships, etc. Anything that takes you out of isolation helps which is why support groups are so effective. Your local non denominational church is a great source of help in this area as it is free and reaching out.

    Now I do want to bring up things you may want to avoid as well. Avoid caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. A combination of avoiding certain elements and adding certain elements is really the best choice. One thing in itself often does not help, but imagine if you joined a social circle of some kind, avoided caffeine and sugar, and starting taking St. John’s wart. this combo might be the just right for you. You may have to experiment with different combinations.

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    I agree with yoga and music, and would like to add one more: meditation. I answered another question with the same answer; meditation is just one of the best and “natural” ways to help with depression. It allows you to think about what it is that may be saddening you and allows you to address it. I strongly agree with music; music has always been there for me and it can contribute to whatever emotion you may be having. Whenever I am sad or stressed I listen to comforting bands: Explosions In the Sky, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Sigur Ros are great choices. Music and meditation together, at least for me, always works.

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    Keep in mind that St. John’s wort has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years – but it has not been scientifically proven to treat moderate to severe depression.  Same with ginkgo biloba.  You must make sure that you use herbal supplements jsut as you would a medication, requiring caution and let any health care provider who is working with you, know what your using.

    Good healthy diet, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, talk therapy, anything that can get your mind focused and requires that you breathe naturally will help.  Music can be wonderful. 

    If your symptoms continue or get worse, make sure you are seeing someone who can provide additional resources and do not just rely on yourself or feel that it’s all just in your head. 

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    Getting the body moving helps boost endorphins in the brain, which help people feel better, if not great.   Regular cardio also provides a chance to “zone out” or focus on something else, something positive; it is also meditative.  The rhythm created by an activity like running or swimming laps is calming.  Getting to the gym or the park can also decrease isolation associated with depression.  By getting out and active, one can meet interesting people and begin to develop a  social network or support system to help ease depression symptoms.

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