Is natural medicine as effective as antibiotics?



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    Natural medicine can be as effective as antibiotics, but it depends on what you are taking and what you are taking it for. For example, it is thought that cranberries are more effective or just as effective at curing a yeast infection as conventional medicine. However, in terms of taking cranberries, there are no side effects to taking this natural ‘medicine’ compared to conventional medicine. 

    Other natural medicines are not considered effective as cures for illnesses or diseases and it can be risky to rely on natural medicines over conventional medicines. Ultimately, it comes down to beliefs. Many people believe that natural medicines are under used and misunderstood and would rather try a natural option over a conventional medical option if it is possible. Other people believe that natural medicines are a waste of time, no matter the side effects that are possible with the conventional medicine.

    However, like many doctors will tell you – an apple a day keeps the doctor away – so there should be no misunderstanding that food as natural medicine is a great way of preventing illness while medication is more of a cure.

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    I happen to disagree with the answer given above. “It comes down to beliefs and what a person believes can cure them”. WHAT? Let’s take Silver as an example. The Most Potent Antibactirial of all time, yes, of all time. It is Surly not what a person believes can cure them, but what can be Proven! Silver has been proven to Kill over 700 bacteria and viruses. Conventional Medicines are Safer? I’m sorry this is simply untrue. Ask Any Professor at Any University to grow a single virus in a pettrie dish on top of a pure piece of a Silver. It Cannot be done. Keep paying the price at the local Drug store when you come down with a common cold. I’m not trying to boast but simply telling the Truth. I have not had as much as a cold in Twenty One Years! All because of Colloidal Silver. I’m not making a sales pitch. I don’t sell it. And this is simply One of the Simple things it Cures. (yes, I said CURES). If you can name a man made Medicine that can do this, please let me know.

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    Yes Natural medicine is as effective as antibiotics. There are herbs in Ayurveda that can be used for very High level of infection and fever. Some of them are not very well known but some like Neem and Ashwagandha  to nam a few.

    Also some oils like Oregano oil acts as a good antibiotic.

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