names of trees that grow well planted in lawns.



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    Well, it depends what bioregion/climate you find yourself in. Different trees prefer different climates. But here’s a rundown of some basic tips for choosing trees to plant in your lawn:

    Deciduous trees are a better bet than evergreens. Deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the winter, which will allow more warming sunlight to reach the house, and the shade of leaves in the summer will provide coolness onhot days. You should also look for species that do not have roots which creep up aboveground. Beech trees are notorious for these roots. They can be damaged by (and can damage!) lawnmowers. Make sure that the tree you plant is relatively easy to grow and attractive–after all, you are planting it for one of those reasons, right?

    Maple trees do really well in lawns. This website (which I pulled the above info from) has a great list of trees that do well planted in lawns. Try to stick to native species, though! Norway Maples are planted heavily in my area, and they have become a nuisance in the forests–they reproduce readily and crowd out native tree species. Sticking to native species will help encourage local biodiversity!

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