name two animal in polar region



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    There’s the Narwhal

    The Narwhall is a kind of porpise and is related to dolphins, belugas, and orcas. They are hunted by the Inuits for their skin and tusks. It should be noted that this tusk is not really a horn as it appears to be, but rather a single elongated tooth found on the males. Narwhal’s are found in the coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean.


    The Polar Bear lives in the Northern Arctic, and is the largest land carnivore

    They have a thick layer of fat, which is covered by dense, insulating fur on They even have fur on their paws to protect them from the cold ice they walk on. They appear white, though their skin is black to absorb the sun’s rays for warmth.



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    There’s the walrus which spends about half of its life in the chilly ocean waters of the Arctic.

    There is also the Northern fur seal that lives in the Bering Sea and the Northern Pacific Ocean.

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    I bet the questioner could have done this him or herself. Next time, try a question like “Is the __________ animal native to the antarctic or the arctic? What habitat does it live in there?”

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    I enjoy any opportunity to post images of animals, so here are my two!

    There’s the Arctic fox:

    These guys live in burrows, and are well-adapted to survive temperatures as cold as -50 degrees Celsius. They live in burrows across the Northern polar regions. Their coats shift with the seasons, often becoming brown and matching the ice-depleted ground of the arctic summers.

    Travelling to the opposite pole, we have the Adelie penguin:

    They can be found in Antarctica. Although excellent swimmers, these penguins are also good walkers – they sometimes have to walk as far as 50 kilometers (around 31 miles) from their slightly inland nests to open water.

    For a lot more information on both answers, see the national geographic links below.

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    Arctic Hares and Killer Whales live in polar regions. Arctic Hares eat the plants that grow in such regions and Killer Whales eat fish and other animals that live in the ocean. Interestingly, Killer Whales also go by the name Blackfish, Grampus, and Orca.

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    The Beluga whale and the Orca aka killer whale are two interesting aquatic mammals within the polar region.  The Orca grows up to 32 feet long and preys upon seals, sharks and other smaller animals.  The Beluga also grows to the same length and is known to feed upon large tuna and in rare cases humans.

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