name of the trees with big trunks to store water?



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    That’s the Baobab, of The Little Prince fame. A tree might store 32,000 gallons. Happily, the real tree doesn’t rip apart planets! There are eight species, all in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and one in Australia.

    Internet resources on this tree are poor, probably because the trees don’t have any great commercial value outside its native Africa and Australia. It doesn’t grow anywhere in the United States, except Puerto Rico.

    Happily, Google Books has an extract from a really nifty book called The African Baobab, by Rupert Watson. (Hopefully the poor author actually got a few cents from Google “borrowing” his text.) It’s got great pictures: Try zooming ahead to page 120. The book’s available used on Amazon for under $15. I think I just might get it.

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      Correction on native location … I got called away while the editor timer was ticking … seven species are native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, one to Australia. Hmm, gee. Could it be that Africa and Australia were once connected?

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