Name some eco friendly shoe brands



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    There are many different brands. Tom’s shoes is a popular brand and also donates a pair of shoes for every pair that is sold. Here is a link to women’s flats that are environmentally friendly.

    Zappo’s also has a link to a wide variety of eco friendly shoes 

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    Take a look at – they aim to make each of their products 100% sustainable!

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    REI features Patagonia and Spenco brand eco-friendly shoes.

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    Groundhog shoes are environmentally-friendly as well. I have a pair, myself. However, I have noted some early damage on the shoes that will need to be repaired (I have only had them for a month), but I don’t think this is an epidemic issue across the Groundhog line.

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    Though TOMS shoes do not run their business on being eco-friendly, they do have one of the best policies out of any brand of shoes or clothing I have seen.  With every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, they will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need around the world.  Not only does this help with physical hygiene, long term health of feet and muscles, and other practical uses for shoes, but also many children cannot attend their schools barefoot, as it is regulation to have footwear, therefore if you provide the shoes, you can help provide an education.  Pretty cool

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    Terra Plana is a British company that makes eco friendly shoes that are good for your feet but look rather fashionable.

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    These websites have lists of ecofriendly shoes and shoe brands. They look like they’re mostly for females though.

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    soleRebels is Ethiopia‚Äôs first IFAT certified fair trade company. Founded in 2005, the SoleRebels brand features trainers, sandals and other trendy open shoes which are sold in the United States, Europe & the Far East. soleRebels is accredited by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).  In August 2010, soleRebels bested dozens of footwear brands in the USA and was awarded the 2010 Green Award by EcoBold Award in the footwear category.  

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