name of male and female king cobra



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    Even though the Wikipedia article has a warning that there are not sufficient citations, it seems fairly comprehensive and correct to me. Have a look at the link below.

    There aren’t any special names for the male and female King Cobra — at least not any ones that are commonly used in English. (Bet they had them in Ancient Egypt!)

    The lack of specific names for cobras is reasonable when you think on it. The reason we distinguish between a male bovine (cattle) and a female one is that the first is liable to put its horns into your gut if angered, and the other gives milk.

    The point is that there’s a reason for these distinctions, people don’t just make them up for yucks. And other people certainly don’t adopt them needlessly, either.

    Of course, we can have a little fun using uncomplementary gender-specific language. Calling someone a “stud” just doesn’t have the same impact as calling someone a “bitch”. And some of those distinctions are meaningful and useful. It’s pretty clear to most people what a “queen bee” is, and equally what a “drone” is. The role of a drone in a beehive is to follow orders without much question or imagination. The role of a “human drone” is similar.

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