name an animal begining with N



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    Here are a few:

    Neon rainbow fish, Nutria, Norway Rat, Northern Harrier, Northern Cardinal (Basically any bird that is “Northern”) Numbat, etc. 

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    The list below provides a few more.

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    Narwhal. Narwhals are extremely interesting creatures.  Often called “the unicorn of the sea,” narwhals live in the arctic ocean and are related to bottlenose dolphins, orcas, belugas, and harbor porpoises.  Narwals typically travel in groups of 10-15. 

    5 week old narwhal calf: 

    Photo: A pod of narwhals


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    The nightingale is a bird whose name begins with an “n”. See the images at the link below for pictures of the bird.

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    a Nile perch! those things are huge! watch the episode of River Monsters on Animal Planet about them! It is unbelievable!

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