Is the Myers Motors all electric two seater safe?



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    Yes. Although it is a weird design, it has great safety features and actually is less likely to roll over than a four wheel car. It may look odd, but the safety of the vehicle is fine.

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    When considering safety, this vehicle is more appropriately compared to motorcycles and three wheelers, as opposed to larger-framed/4+ wheeled vehicles. The NmG is not a car and it does not meet car crash standards. According to Myers Motors, the three wheeled NmG—“the SUV of motorcycles”—has obvious stability advantages over two-wheeled motorcycle, and occupants are enclosed in a layered, composite structure and wear a 3-point shoulder safety harness. The NmG has a car-like steering wheel and foot pedals and meets or exceeds U.S. DOT safety standards required for motorcycles and three wheelers.

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