my weeping willow has been cut too short what can I do to encourage growth and the drooping which makes it so special this happened 2 years ago and it seems to have stopped growing it was full to the ground then.



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    If such bad pruning has happened two years ago and there have been no signs of improvement, there is a strong possibility that your tree is dead or is in tree decline. I would hope that, during warmer months, you kept it on a strict and hearty watering schedule, just to rule out lack of water as a cause for this lack of vitality. If you haven’t done so, it might be good to start flood-watering your tree, although I doubt much can be done now.

    I’ve linked to some articles about what could possibly have happened to your tree. The first is about tree decline, and the second is about signs of tree death, damage, and disease. If you are still concerned about your tree, I recommend calling your local arborist and setting up a consultation.

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