My turtle has a thin film-like thing covering his eyes – what could this be caused by? How can I fix it?

I have two turtles in the one tank – one is really active & adventurous. The other just sits in the one spot & I can’t get him to eat. He has a thin layer of a film-like thing covering both his eyes. Any suggestions?!



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    A simple way to start would be to check its living conditions.  Make sure the tank is clean and that the turtle is receivng a balanced diet.  The attached link explains possible eye problems in turtles as well as their solutions.

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    If ur turtle’s condition is like mine, (both eye sometimes covered with some really thin white thing but can see his eye faintly) he (my turtle) once got rid of it by using his hand/claw to sort of push it away, and I got it away once by dowsing his eyes with a bit of water.

    the image is a turtle without it but the “thin film-like thing” looks like one of its eyelids but it probably isnt.

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