My teacher’s aid it’s one foot from flooding the Oakland airport how long will that takes, and what will have to do to prevent that from happening?



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    Oakland International Airport is “barely above sea level” (see article below). This means that if California faces the 16-inch sea level rise by predicted by 2050 and the 55-inch sea level rise by 2100 (this less conservative estimate is what the state of California is basing it’s contingency planning on) then Oakland International Airport could be flooded anytime in the next 50 to 100 years. Again, the uncertainty of these estimates should be stressed – scientists cannot say exactly how far sea levels will rise, which is why you may see “55-inches by 2100” in one place and “36-inches by 2100” in another.

    Preventing rising sea-levels speaks to a much larger problem. it would require a global commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a drastic level. In California, the state-created Climate Action Team is seeking to do just that, working “to coordinate statewide efforts to implement global warming emission reduction programs”.

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