My surfboard broke in half can I recycle it?



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    Yes you most certainly can. Resurf Recycling is one of many organizations that take your broken surfboard and put it to good use. Resurf Recycling is dedicated to keeping broken polyurethane foam surfboards out of landfills by using the foam as filler in asphalt and concrete for roads and light-weight fireproof roof tiles. The second link is the website for the organization.

    San Diego allows you to recycle your surf board at Miramar Recycling Center without a fee.  Usable boards will be donated, and the rest are ground up and used in concrete. You can also donate used boards to ReRip, a local company that provides used boards to local artists.  The ReRip Board drop off is at the Patagonia Shop in Cardiff (2185 San Elijo Ave)

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