my spruce trees have scalding on the trunk, that is oozing sap. The branches have grey mose on them. The needles are thinning out. They are big trees and I don’t want to lose them.



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    It sounds like it could be Cytospora Canker disease. Trees with this disease often have browning needles have sap oozing from the infected wood which is usually on the bottom of the tree, and there is often resin flow and white patches of resin are found on the bark, similar looking to sap. If this sounds like what you see, then it could be Cytospora Canker disease. There is no fungicides that can prevent or treat this disease, the best option would be to prune and trim the infected branches. Often time, the cankers are deep within the tree and have to be cut deep within to find them. If you remove the outer bark from the canker areas, it should be brown, dead bark of the inner bark and cambium, and within the cankered areas there are black pinhead sized structures that produce the spores of the pathogen, which should be removed immediately with sterilized tools. Other ways of prevention include:

    1. Avoid bark and stem injuries.
    2. Control insects and mites; especially spruce gall adelgids and spider mites. 
    3. Fertilize according to horticulturists’ recommendations. 
    4. Water during extended dry periods. Water thoroughly so that soil is moistened 18 to 24 inches deep. A root irrigator may be needed to accomplish this. 
    5. Follow accepted pruning practices
    6. Vertically mulch to relieve soil compaction, poor aeration, and inadequate water penetration.

    Hope that helps!

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