my son cooked with tiki fuel, has been sick for 3 yrs.

he has had constent vomiting, direrah cant keep thing down. started at 14 and is going strong at 18. i told the doctors what he did, but they dont think its from this.



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    I’n sorry about your son’s illness, but if doctors, presumably professional and experienced, feel otherwise, why would you think a bunch of random people on the internet would know any better? You could seek additional opinions from other doctors.

    In general do not take any medical advice you find on the internet.

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    This sounds very serious and for it to persist for so long seems a bit scary.  I would take your son to a Gastroenterologist.  This is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach.  Additionally, I would have bloodwork and sonograms done to rule out any other issues.  I have found in my own personal experience with doctors that you have to be persisten if you know that something is not right or normal.  You may even have to switch doctors if you aren’t finding the answers you need with your current doctor.  Also, educate yourself on the information they are giving you, treatments and medications for your son.  Doctor’s are human and are not above error.  Good luck.

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