My sister is confused about a party dress and gift . Can you help?

Hi all, My little sister is going to attend a birthday party in Mar. and wants to buy a dress. The following one looks good. How do you feel? Which color do you think is better?

Here’s the dress link:

The 2nd confusion: She’s a AU. friend and not sure what gift to bring, any ideas?



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    Can you explain how this relates to the environment? Sometimes it’s not all that easy to know what can be categorized as “green”, “environmental”, etc., but in this case, I’d say that this isn’t really the site for this question, particularly the first portion. Try posting this on a general fashion site or a site that caters to women’s interests.

    As for the second part of your question, your sister can find environmentally conscious gifts on these sites if that’s what she is looking for:

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    As alcyone said, it is a good idea to shop with the environment in mind. One great place to find eco-friendly clothing is at a second-hand store. Second-hand store employees are very friendly, and you can ask them for advice on what would look best while you are trying on clothes. Most thrift stores have some changing rooms where you can try on clothes and all you need to do is ask a nearby staff member what they think of your outfit. I hope this helps 🙂

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