is my royal empress tree dead?

I planted my royal empress tree about 6 months ago. I do not have a single tree on my property (I just bought my house). So I planted it in my backyard to help lower my electric bill due to the intense west sun. My Empress tree did well the first couple of weeks… it grew several leaves and appeared to have grown a couple inches. However, the Texas summer is brutal and the temperature reaches over 100 F. My poor little tree lost the leaves and appears to be dead. I have been watering non-stop but fear it is too late… any help would be much apperciated



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    You should get advise from a botonist. It sounds like it’s dead to me. I can’t help you if I don’t have any pictures, and I’m sure a botanist would be able to get a better look at the tree and tell you if it’s dead.

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