For my research I need to find answers regarding:1- What are the many of the recycling material including residential ?2- What are the main buyers/consumers of the recycled materials? Both questions for USA specially Mississippi Valley states



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    The amount of things that can be recycled today is huge, and ever-growing. If you want a list of all the materials that can be recycled, I would suggest looking here for specifics.


    As far as what happens to the material after the materials are recycled, that depends on what it started out as. Many plastics are recycled and then used to make fleece fabric, durable construction materials, molded furniture and insulation. Aluminium cans are melted down and reshaped into new cans, and tires can be shredded and used for insulation, landscaping mulch, turf and other innovative products. And of course, paper and cardboard are recycled and repurposed as notebooks, notepads and other paper products.

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