My question is how much would it cost you to buy a pack of cigarettes for 1week that’s 7 days?



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    A normal pack of cigarettes would costs $20.50. So for 7 days $20.50x7days would be $143.50 for a week! In my own opinion cigarettes are bad for you, in fact it is not only bad for your lungs they hurt the environment too. In the tobacco field they put chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the tobacco plants. The same ammonia that cleans your toliet helps your brain become addicted to nicotine more quickly. A chemical similar to rocket fuel keeps the tip of the cigarettes burning efficiently. A little formaldehyde here, a little fungicide. Deforestation is the most direct environmental repercussion of the approx. ten billion cigarettes smoked in the world daily. Wood is used just about every step in production-to cure tobacco, to wrap the leaves with paper, to bos them up with cardboard. A cigarette manufacturing machine produces up to 14,000 smokes a minute, blowing through four miles of paper every hour. For every 300 cigarettes, one tree is consumed. 

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