My property is mostly limerock, is that harmful to grass?



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    Solid rock, even large pieces of rock in soil is not helpful to grasses. Generally they are looking for open areas with small-grained soil. As examples, think of household lawns and grassland praries.

    Some plants, such as grapes, are best in pebbly soil, and planters specifically look for areas that are mild in the winter, have some limited rainfall, but hot in the summer. Grass is not so delicate, which may offer you an opportunity.

    When you ask about “grass”, do you mean the pretty, close-mown, always-green grass around many homes? Then you don’t have to look much further than buying those “pre-grown” grass sod rolls. Very e-z. You will want to consider whether to put down extra soil under the rolls, because the grass would not do well directly on exposed, unbroken rock. Your local nurseries can easily give you very good advice on on your particular situation.

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