My oak tree has a white foam coming out at the trunk; what is the problem ?…



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    Your oak tree has a disease called slime flux or wet wood. The latter name is due to the slime soaking the tree bark. The fermentation of the bacteria produces a gas inside the tree which pushes out sap. The sap is the white foam that you see. 

    This is not a severe problem, which is good because there is no cure, according to North Carolina State University. The best thing you can do is keep the tree healthy. 

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    The problem is most likely a disease called slime flux or wet wood.  This occurs when the wood of the tree gets a bacterial infection.  The fermentation by the bacteria creates carbon dioxide gas.  This buildup of gas creates pressure, which forces sap out of the wood.  This sap is the white foam that you see.

    There is no real treatment for slime flux other than keeping the tree healthy and removing loose bark around the affected area.  Most of the time, slime flux goes away on its own, and has no long term consequences for the tree.

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