My niece is going to be born in a few months are there any eco friendly baby clothes I can get her?



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    Probably the most eco way to go would be to buy from secondhand stores instead of buying new.  There are lots of stores around the country that specialize in “gently used” children’s clothes.

    If that’s not your scene, bamboo garments and hemp garments, or those made from organiz cotton would be decent options with the first two items being more eco friendly than cotton.

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    Congratulations on the upcoming birth!  There is this fantastic eco baby clothing store located in Portland, OR that specializes in safe, natural, organic clothing for babies.  Of course you can shop online and the clothese are just adorable.  Another great option is Sckoon, also online shopping.  If you want to shop locally, Nordstrom also has a selection of organic baby clothing.  Girls are so fun to shop for, there’s so much variety. The websites are attached.  Happy shopping!

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