Is my new Prius being recalled because it is bad for the environment?



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    The reason for the Prius recall is because of braking problems in the car, not because they are bad for the environment. However, part of the environmental aspect of the car is the fact that it is able to regain energy from the friction in the brake pads, called regenerative braking. The secret is a generator that takes the energy from braking and converts it into electricity that charges the battery. So the fact that the Prius is being recalled for brake problems could also mean that the regenerative braking system is not functioning at optimum efficiency, which compromises the environmental benefits of the car. 

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    No, the recall of Prius has nothing to do with it’s fuel or electric system: it’s a safety issue. Toyota has had many problems in the past few months with braking problems, after it was shown that Corollas and Camrys would sometimes not only fail to slow down when the brake was applied, but at times the gas pedal would stick and the car would reach ridiculous speeds without the driver’s consent. The company investigated further, and found that Priuses, too, may have less-than-responsive brakes. It’s unsure at this point how extensive or serious the problem is with the 2009 line of Priuses, but Toyota is very apologetic and is ordering a mandatory recall for the safety of their customers.

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