my mango tree produces no mature fruit. the fruit splits or falls off when about egg size

this year only 1 mango survived. hundreds of baby mangos, they split and fall off…..only a few reach tennis ball size, then split and fall off….greenish mossy appearance on trunk and limbs. leaves are normal in color.



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    Do you protect your mango tree from frost in the winter? If it is not protected, the damage caused in the winter could hinder your tree’s ability to create mature fruit. There’s also the possibility that your tree has the anthracnose fungus. As the fruit matures “the fungus causes irregular black spots that may be sunken slightly and show surface cracks”. The fungus is the main reason for fruit splitting. Poor pollination could also be a factor (cold nights during flowering can cause that), which leads to egg-sized fruit that fall off.

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    Depending on where you live, it may be too cold for your mango and the fruit may not mature. Although your mango is probably large in size, it must be protected from the cold if you want the fruit to mature.

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