My long needle indoor pine tree is turning brown, bottom branches are still green can I save it? and how much water should it get?

also, I need to re-pot it, what type of soil and fertilizer should I use?



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    Not sure whether you are talking about a Norfolk Pine, a Wollemi, or another kind of indoor pine.

    For a Norfolk Pine:

    “It is not unusual for a few needles on the lowest branches to turn brown and drop. If this happens slowly over time, it’s likely just normal aging of the branches or possibly from lower light availability. However, if many needles are browning, or if the problem appears more widely distributed among the branches, look to problems of either too much or too little water or too little relative humidity.”

    “I would also recommend staying away from repotting the Norfolk. The root system can be damaged in the repotting process, extra moisture will be held in the soil, and the plant may be planted too deep. This all leads to root problems.”

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