My LED light burned out in 3 weeks?

I had a $19 LED light in a small lamp that stays on in my den. I have installed it about 3 weeks ago and it just went out. It made a Sizzle sound and I could smell burnt wire. There is black goo around the base of the bulb. What would make the bulb go out. I am nervis now since i have added LED lights to my entire house. I had a CFL in this lamp for 2 yrs and nothing. Does anyone know why this would happed?



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    Since you smelt burning and heard a sizzle that is a sign of an electrical fire. If that was the only light effected, chances are you had a bulb with too high of wattage for the lamp. Or, the lamp may have a wire problem internally. 

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    LED lights should last a long time before they eventually wear away. Maybe there was a power surge that was just too much for the LED light? According to this FAQ, LED lights should handle sudden surges, like turning a light on and off, better than incandescent light.

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    You’d want to look at how much current is going through your circuit and how much current your LED can handle. If the LED is getting too much current, it’ll eventually burn out. In this case, you’d either need to buy new LED’s or install resistors.

    I don’t know too much about circuits and LED’s but I was trying to construct LED lighting for my aquarium and put too little resistance on it which resulted in my LED’s flickering on and off.

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    that means the lamp are not in the right working way.You should change it for sefe .anyway,usually LED light’s lifetime will be more than 30,000H. I suggest CR-LED. it’s more cheap and it also have the quality of CFL~You can check at

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