My friends wife is pregnant, how can I help her be more green as she is getting close to having the baby?



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    The ways to be green for pregnant women are essentially the same as for other people. There are literally hundreds of small changes we can make in our lives to be more green. Look for ways to cut energy use, buy organic food, buy products from companies that are trying to be sustainable, and conserve water as much as possible.

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    You could let your friend know about reusable diapers and the organic baby products that are being offered. Using reusable diapers reduces the amount of trash that ends up at landfills, each year about 20 pounds of chlorine, 50 pounds of petroleum feed stocks, and 300 pounds of wood are used to make disposable diapers for just one baby. Consider purchasing organic baby clothing, baby toys, baby blankets, and body care products.

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