My friends are having a baby soon what are some eco friendly toys I can start buying them?



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    Instead of listing a load of options for you, try visiting the following website:

    Here, you can find links to where to purchase a number of eco-friendly toys, clothing, accessories, and more for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages Products include those that are natural, organic, and environmentally friendly goods.

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    This company called ChildTrek offers safe, wooden toys for babies and toddlers. Check out the website below. Also, if you’d like to purchase them some baby clothes, definitely consider Satyamuna (below). The artwork is adorable, the clothes are 100% organic cotton, and the designs are printed only with eco-friendly dyes.

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    I babysat for a “green” kids a few weeks ago and the parents were very conscious about HAND-ME-DOWNS and SECOND HAND clothes/toys/games, everything.

    Eco-friendly is great, but at the end of the day, you’re still a consumer. Whenever you choose to buy second hand, you are removing yourself from supply-and-demand. No product is being manufactured for you. PLUS, think of all the GREAT unused toys in second hand stores or in the closets of people whose children outgrew them.

    Second hand is the way to go.

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    There are SO MANY eco-friendly toys that you could buy for your friends! Planet Happy Toys makes sustainable, organic, and natural toys. For instance, you can buy them 100% organic cotton or hemp stuffed animals. There are also wood blocks made from sustainable woods that would be good for babies.  

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    Hey! Check out the online store – My Little Green Shop. They sell eco-friendly baby toys including plush toys, puzzles, educational flash cards, jump ropes and beach toys. So it fits any occasion and most ages for children – as well as genders.

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