My energy bills are high and I’m sure it’s because heat and cool air are escaping through my attic. Is there anyway to prevent energy from escaping through my attic door?



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    Yes, there are ways you can help to stop air from escaping.  Duct exhaust fans to the outside. Use a tightly constructed box to cover fan housing on attic side. Seal around the duct where it exits the box. Seal the perimeter of the box to the drywall on attic side.  Cover openings with plywood and seal them to the attic side of the ceiling.  If you have a chimney or furnace, make sure to seal up the frame with high-temperature caulk.  You should also fill in any gaps at the top of your wall/ceiling with expanding foam caulk.

    If the issue is the door itself and it needs to open, then try to get a door that fits the frame better.  You can get little foam pieces that hold on to the bottom of the door and help keep drafts away.


    Another thing that can help with your energy bills are adding insulation to your attic.  Most homes, especially older ones, aren’t built with enough.


    Attached is a video series on how to do that yourself.


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