My concern is how functional LED lights are for home ceiling lights that are wired in and replacement bulbs are currently not even addressed by the manufacturers. Nobody seems to know for sure just how long it will last?



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    Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) tend to last a very long time. They don’t burn out like regular bulbs, but they do dim over time. It may take 25,000 hours for an LED to dim to 70% of its original brightness. By comparison, I have some CFL bulbs that will last 10,000 hours before burning out. Incandescent bulbs typically last 750 hours.

    LEDs are very tiny, and can easily be replaced by pulling them out and putting a new one in. They have two tiny little wires on the bottom of them that can be plugged into a source of power. As long as those two little wires are the same size, replacing an LED should be a breeze. There are some adaptors that make it possible to screw an LED into a regular light socket.

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