my cinnamon capsules contain chromium {Hydrolized Protein Chelate} . Is this harmful?



  1. jet
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    Hyrolized Protein Chelate is also known as Selenium. According to, selenium plays an important role in antioxidant defense and “in the detoxification processes correlated within the human body’s enzymatic activities.” So, selenium is not harmful. 

    I’m assuming that chromium (3+) is also in this supplement and not chromium (6+)–which is created from industrial pollution. Chromium (3+) is somewhat mysterious in that the health benefits are not clearly defined, but the mineral is needed in trace amounts for optimal health. For men up between 19 and 50, 35 mcg/day of chromium (3+) is ideal and 25 mcg/day is best for women. Over 50 years of age, men should have 30 mcg/day and women should have 20 mcg/day.  

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