My Christian neighbors think I’m silly for being so Earth friendly- they say God will save us; that we don’t have to worry! How can I prove to them that we do need to worry without insulting their religion?



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    Ask them since they have such a love for “God” then why wouldn’t they want to love, charish and save all of his creations. When someone uses a religious belief to answer a questions, all they are really doing is avoiding the question and standing on the crutch of religion.

    Stress the fact that the world will be here after they have died. Whatever they believe is fine, but they should care about future generations. Since “God” created them and gave them so much, the least they can do is preserve the environment so the upcoming youth can enjoy it.

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    By caring about the very earth that the God they so believe in has created, you are in fact reaffirming a faith that they do not seem to possess. If you can, use arguments from the Bible to show them how even Jesus did not take God for granted and how they are all supposed to be proactive about being good people!

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