My chickens aren’t laying very many eggs any suggestions?



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    The amount of eggs that chickens lay depends on a variety of factors, including the chicken breed, hen age, daylight hours, and nutrition. Breeds are often rated according to how many eggs they lay, on average, per year. One egg every other day is a pretty good production for small-scale poultry owners. You can learn more about your chicken breed here ( Young female chickens, called pullets, will begin laying eggs around the age of 16-24 weeks, have peak production at age 2, and after 3 years begin to reduce the number of eggs they lay. Also, chickens respond positively to daylight, the longer the daylight hours, the more they are stimulated to lay eggs. This means that egg production naturally wanes in the winter time and increases in the summer time. You can simulate better laying conditions by having a light in the hen house that provides a few extra hours of light per day. Finally, egg laying is an energy intensive process for a chicken. So, they need to have an adequate nutrient supply, particularly of calcium, since that is what the egg shells are made from (read more about feed requirements for chickens here


    I hope this helps some. Depending on how you have your chickens housed, they may also be creating a nest that you are unaware of. I’ve recently been finding new nests our hens have made every week. I  now understand the origin of the Easter egg hunt!

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    It sounds like malnutrition of your chickens. I would suggest adding more nutritious material and volume to your feed, and perhaps some fruit in their diet might loosen them up. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Amount of eggs produced varies from chicken to chicken.  Try feeding your chicken a more nutritious diet.  However, also bear in mind that you can’t compare the amount of eggs a chicken will produce naturally to a factory farmed chicken.  They are pumped full of hormones to produce more eggs in a given time.

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